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Welcome to At Peace In The Pacific!

At Peace In The Pacific is dedicated to the premise that people who wish to have their remains scattered at sea deserve the most personal and loving attention possible. We listen to the desires of those who are making the decisions and try to make the transition as comfortable as possible.

Burial at sea is a time honored tradition dating back thousands of years. At Peace In The Pacific provides an affordable alternative to the traditional land burial. In an individualized manner, we continue the respect, dignity and honor your loved ones deserve as they reach their final resting place.

There are many organizations that perform thousands of scatterings each year. At Peace In The Pacific offers the most personal service and we are proud to assist each family designing an appropriate, distinctive journey. Our vessel is used professionally for this purpose only. We treat each of your loved ones exactly as if they were part of our own.

Remains are released in the calm waters off the coast of beautiful Newport Beach, California, one of Orange County's premier resort communities. Whether you wish to be on board our vessel during the release of ashes, watch from shore, or ship the ashes to us, our experienced crew can cater to your wishes. The exact location of the release is recorded so you may revisit if you like. We have different programs available, so be sure and visit our Ceremonies page. Once you decide on the ceremony that best fits your needs, click on the Forms link and it will show you how get started.

Our crew has over fifty years experience in the Newport Harbor area, as well as the Pacific Coast, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico. You can view each of our licenses, which are posted on our Credentials page.



"My family and I were very pleased with our voyage. I believe in my heart that my beloved husband would have been happy too. He loved the ocean and he loved his family. I will never forgot how peaceful it was and how the beautiful sun, the single bird overhead and the lei floating over the waves made us feel."

"Thank you. You made a difficult task so easy."  - AF


"Your description of how you'll release the remains is lovely.   Thank you for your kindness." - NG


"This is an honorable venture you are doing and I for one commend you for the compassionate way you are making a difference for mankind."  - EC


"Steve - Thank you for all your efforts in making our "scattering of the ashes" so easy and meaningful." - ES

Newport Beach, California is a coastal resort city, with a very mild climate and generally wonderful weather conditions, which enables us to schedule most ceremonies at your convenience, however, if Mother Nature does not cooperate, we will reschedule at no cost to you.

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